S-Chassis Offset Tension Rods


The product is on backorder

CLEANING OUT OLD INVENTORY.  I am making a short run of the last sets and I will ship when there are enough orders. All tension rods are brand new and include new hardware as well. 



Today's drift cars are getting more angle than ever, and one of the biggest limiting factors is the wheel hitting the tension rods.

Each design is thoroughly tested with FEA software, as well as real-world testing. All tension rods are CNC machined, welded, and finished in the USA with high strength chromoly 3pc PTFE lined rods ends.

Compatible with OEM and aftermarket lower control arms. Does not interfere with sways bars.


What's included:

2x Maverick Motorsports Offset Tension Rods

2x Class 10.9(grade 8) hardware kit