Nissan S13/S14 to 350z Axle Adapters


The product is on backorder

These are currently out of stock. You can place a "Pre-order" and as soon as they are in stock (~1/1/19), they will be shipped out.


Due to popular demand these are back!  Now made from steel to help with strength and durability(Pics show the old aluminum version).  100% compatible with the old design, no realignment necessary. 


Introducing S13/S14 to 350z Axle Adapters! IN STOCK!


What are they?

These pieces are CNC machined from 7075-T651 aluminum and engineered with a precise fit and pockets to align like OEM.  They will take your existing 2x3 bolt pattern diff output stub and convert it to use a 6x1 bolt pattern axle.  They simply bolt onto the 240sx diff stubs and then you bolt a 6x1 axle directly to them adapter.  Another huge benefit is that the 350z axles slide right in to the OEM 240sx 4lug or 5lug hubs(z32 na also works)!


Why do I need these?

The stock 240sx axles are a tripod design which are weak when the car is lowered, axles are stretched, or more torque is put through them.  The 350z axles are a Ball/Cage(Rzeppa) design which is much stronger and designed to take much more abuse.  If you are pushing big power or constantly breaking 240sx axles, then these adapters are necessary to upgrade to the stronger 350z design.


Need to know:

The adapters combined with 350z are longer than the S13/S14 ones.  You will either need to have a lowered car, zero camber, or longer LCA to take up the extra length.  Because of the many different combinations of knuckle, LCA, subframe, alignment, etc it is impossible to anticipate how they will fit across every setup.  Please be prepared to take camber out, widen the track width or similar to accommodate the longer length in this setup. 

Please measure from the axle stub to the backside of the hub.  You will need the measurements to match before you can install the axles and not have problems.  If these measurements are too short then the axles will over-compress and damage the cups.

21" Driver side(left).
22.5" Passenger side(right)


What is needed for the swap:


-Pair of conversion spacers

-350z axles: one drivers side and one passenger side.


What is included with the kit:


-Pair(2) of CNC machined axle adapters

-Grade 8(Class10.9) or higher hardware for stub shaft and axle.