BLEMISH: S-Chassis Dual Caliper Brackets, DISCOUNTED!

$125.00 $230.00

The product is on backorder

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2 full kits available at a huge discount!

Original listing with details:

Original price: $230 shipped

Discounted Price: $125 shipped per full kit

QTY available at price: 2 full kits

Defect/Blemish: One bracket engraved with mislabeled side(see picture).  Otherwise 100% functional and no different than retail kit.

Included in the kit:
- One left bracket
- One right bracket
- 2 hub rings to align rotors correctly.
- 8x M12 Class 10.9 Bolts for hub.
- 8x M12 Split locking washers.
- 8x M10 Class 10.9 Flange head bolts for calipers.
- 8x M10 Stainless steel flat washers.

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