JZ/VQ CD009 Transmission Adapter Plate. REV 2

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Introducing the Maverick Motorsports JZ/VQ 6 speed Adapter Kit!

This kit allows you to easily bolt on a stronger, better shifting, and cheaper 350z/370z/g35/g37 6 speed transmission to ANY JZ engine. 

 Similar to our other kits, we provide a CNC cut, CAD designed adapter plate made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum.  The other crucial part of the swap is the custom flywheel made specifically for this swap kit.  It is an aluminum 6061-T6 billet machined flywheel with a replaceable friction surface.  At 15lbs, it is HALF of the weight of an OEM flywheel.

 Best of all, any single plate 350z clutch will bolt right up to it.  You are free to choose any clutch manufacturer that makes a kit for a 350z.  Holding capacities of 740tq+ available from clutch makers!  Our experience has been that any car with over 500-550hp at the wheels should start looking into a twin plate setup.

Benefits of the Maverick CD009 Adapter:

  • NO CUTTING, grinding or milling required for this kit.  This means you take the transmission and simply bolt it up.  Allowing you to keep your warranty and any future swaps super simple since there are no mods needed to the trans.
  • ANY single disk 350z clutch will work.  No custom disks, pressure plates or anything funny.  If it works on the 350z, it works with this kit.
  • OEM throw out bearing is retained.  Nothing custom here.  Again keeping it easy and trouble free.

 What you get with this kit:

  • CNC Machined 6061-T6 adapter plate complete with dowel pins on engine and transmission side.
  • CNC Machined Flywheel.  Uses any 350z clutch, 15lbs weight, replaceable friction surface
  • CNC Machined Pilot bushing sleeve.  Adapts a Nissan pilot bushing to the JZ crankshaft.
  • New pilot bushing, all hardware for engine and transmission, tube of loctite.


 As with our other kits you will still need:

-Shifter bracket relocation. 

-Custom Transmission mount

-Clutch line


Additional info:

-Adapter has bolt holes for CD00x and JK04c transmissions and is compatible with both.

-Adapter comes with new dowel pins for the transmission.  You will reuse the engine dowel pins.

-NO special throw out bearings needed.  Simply use the 350z ones.  We recommend that you upgrade to a steel concentric slave cylinder on the newer transmissions.  The OEM plastic internal slave cylinder is weak.  This only applies to internal slave cyl model transmissions.

 Please contact info@maverick-motorsports.com for further details.

 All adapter plates are Laser scanned, CAD designed, CNC machined and real world tested.  All scanning and machining is done in an ISO9001:2008 certified machine shop who specializes in MilSpec/Aerospace/Medical machining.

 * We do our best to keep parts in stock.  With that said I can get a rush on orders and run out.  It may take up to 3-4 weeks to restock depending on my suppliers.

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