S-chassis to 350z/370z diff Conversion Bushings

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Introducing a bolt in way to add a stronger 350z/370z/G35/G37 differential to your existing s14/s15 subframe!  No cutting, welding or fabrication.


What are they?

Bushings that are precision CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and then anodized to a MIL-8625F finish.  The bushings are engineered to place the differential in the center of the subframe and maintain the proper factory driveshaft angle.  The bushing kit is only able to be used with s14/s15 subframes or other Nissan subframes which use the 2 larger diff mounts on the rear cover.

 What do they do?

The bushings allow you to drop in a stronger and cheaper Z/G differential into your s14/s15 subframe.  Previous the only other way to do this was to cut and weld but there is NO cutting or welding required for this swap.


-Stronger, newer and more readily available Z/G differential

-Wider range of ratios available, OEM and aftermarket

-Ability to use larger and stronger 350z axles

-Better matched ratios those doing 350z transmission swap

-Uses STOCK 240sx hubs, works with 4 and 5 lug cars.

-Potential to use 350z speed sensor built into diff for actual wheel speed.


What is needed for this swap?

- Maverick Motorsports Z/G conversion bushings

- 350z/370z/G35/G37 differential, avoid the G37 AT diff because it has a different driveshaft flange

- 350z/G35 axles

- Driveshaft WILL fit! You simply need to redrill the bolt pattern on the diff input flange to match.

 Need to know:

Due to the large variety of rear knuckles, arms, alignments please make sure the axles are not over compressed or over stretched.  Failing to do so will cause premature breaking of the axle and other driveline components.    

 Kit Options:

Please choose the appropriate kit when ordering.

 3x - This option includes 3 bushings(2 front and 1 rear) to be used with diff covers that have 1 mounting stud on the rear.

4x - This option includes 4 bushings(2 front and 2 rear) to be used with diff covers that have 2 mounting studs on the rear.  

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