Z33/G35/Z34/G37 Dual Caliper Bracket

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So what exactly is it? This bracket allows you to use 2 pairs of OEM rear calipers for awesome stopping power. One pair of calipers gets plumbed up like normal and works off of the brake pedal. The other pair gets plumbed SEPARATELY to the hydraulic handbrake. No more weird pedal feel when pulling the e-brake and the footbrake! You now have a dedicated setup for the hydraulic handbrake.


 Key features:

- Made in the USA by an Aerospace/Medical certified machine shop with ISO9001:2008 certs.
- 6061-T6 aluminum for strength and low weight used on brackets and spacers.
- Mil-Spec Hard Anodized finish on all aluminum parts.
- The brackets are CNC'd and not water jetted. CNC is much more precise and cleaner.
- FEA tested as well as real world tested on track.

What comes with the kit:

- One left bracket
- One right braket
- 4x caliper spacers
- 8x M12 Class 10.9 Bolts for hub.
- 8x M12 Class 10.9 Flange head bolts for calipers


**** Brackets are identical between Brembo and non-Brembo.  The only difference are the supplied bolts ****

Need to know:- This will space your wheels out 8mm. It's like adding an 8mm spacer to the wheels. Please keep this in mind if you have flush fitting wheel already.
- You will need matching generations of caliper and rotors.  Nissan changed the size of rear calipers and rotors after 2006.  Make sure you use 03-05 parts or 06+.  You CANNOT use 03 calipers on 06 rotors and vice versa.
- All years of Brembo and Akebono will match up.
- We recommend using a 3/4" bore hydraulic handbrake. 5/8" will work as well.
- Allows the proper use of a hydraulic handbrake. No more rigged inline setups that don't work when you need them to!

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