FC Axle Spacers


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The perfect solution for stretched or broken axles!


The spacers are bolted on with simple hand tools between the axle and stub shaft.  They prevent axle stretch which can cause ripped boots and ultimately axle failure.


Why you need these:

-You car is slammed and the OEM axles are stretch/torn/clicking from being over-extended

-You have early 87 axles with 88+ diff.  The early 87 axles were shorter and will stretch when used with later model diffs/stub shafts.

-You want to upgrade to the 929 axles.  2x drivers side 929 axles are required and 1x axle spacer.  The 929 axles are 4mm in diameter larger and feature longer CV's.  All of which help with keeping them from exploding.  Not to mention they are cheaper and easier to find!


As with all of our parts, they are CNC machined in the USA and held to the highest standards.  They have a machined lip which nests the axles and stubs perfectly and keeps everything lined up properly just like the OEM axles and stub shafts do.



CNC Axle Spacer(s), 10mm Width

1x Class 10.9(Grade 8) hardware bolt kit.



Mazda RX7 86-92(FC3S) TURBO II ONLY, Mazda 929 86-91(HC)


SOLD INDIVIDUALLY OR AS A PAIR!  Only one is needed for 929 swap.  Two are needed for TII axles that are stretched.


* We do our best to keep parts in stock.  With that said I can get a rush on orders and run out.  It may take up to 3-4 weeks to restock depending on my suppliers.

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