Why should I swap to a VQ transmission? May 09 2014, 0 Comments

We get this question all the time.  Why should I swap to a VQ transmission?  What are the benefits of the swap and how does it affect the way the car drives?

I'll try to answer those questions below and give you guys some insight into why we choose to constantly put this particular model of transmission behind many different motors. But first a little background.

Back in 2009, Joe Haven approached George Marstanovic about adapting a VQ transmission to an SR.  After having blown up an SR transmission every single race weekend he was getting tired of constantly getting under the car to swap out the same weak transmission, knowing it was just going to fail again. So with that swap in mind the two got to work.  They quickly looked at the stats.  The VQ transmission was a 6 speed and better geared, it had much larger gears, it had the correct input shaft so they didn't have to do any custom clutch work.



The main factor in the swap has always been strength.  With the SR/KA transmissions being so weak it would make sense to look for anything that is bigger.  When Nissan designed the VQ transmission, they gave it much biggest gears to cope with the larger engine.  Good news for us!  Take a look at the pictures below to get an idea of just how much bigger it is.


The VQ transmission simply dwarfs the SR transmission.  Over the years we've seen 600, 700, 800hp cars all using this transmission without issues.  There are even 1000hp+ 350z's out there who are running the stock VQ transmission!


If you've ever driven an SR powered car with an SR transmission you've probably found yourself either running out of gear/rpm in 2nd or bogging the car out in 3rd.  This forces you to either go slower in 2nd gear and bounce of the rev limiter or shift to 3rd and fall out of the powerband.  This is another problem the VQ trans solves.  Being a 6 speed, the gearing is much shorter and tighter together so you ALWAYS have a gear for whatever speed and whatever powerband.  No more banging on the limiter and no more falling out of the powerband.

KA24(D)E & SR20DET (S13/S14):
1st- 3.321
2nd- 1.902
3rd- 1.308
4th- 1.000
5th- 0.759


1st -3.794
2nd -2.324
3rd -1.624
5th -1.000
6th -0.794


Besides the strength and gearing, the VQ transmission offers many other benefits.

-Keep your SR/KA clutch the same. JZ kits can choose any 350z clutch.

-Uses factory SR/KA rubber transmission mount.

-MUCH improved shifting. 

-Cheap, compared to other options(gear sets, dogbox, sequential)


With all this in mind we developed a kit that is as bolt on as possible.  All of our adapter plates are CNC machined from 60601-T6 billet aluminum to the highest quality.  The shifter modification and transmission x-member are all jig made to ensure a factory fit.  With hundreds of kits sold throughout the world and used in top tier racing(Formula D, D1GP, EDC, BDC, ADGP, etc), the kits are tested every single day and come out on top.

We now offer the swap for the SR, KA, and JZ motors with more applications on the way!